CNC Machinery


The importance of this service area for the industry is considerable. We are glad that with our capital in the form of a qualified team with international experience and modern machinery we can participate in a broadly understood tool development process and thus support the development of the Companies of our customers.


Our key asset is machining (milling and turning) supported by digital control – that is why the company’s logo bears the CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) abbreviation

CNC Machinery


CNC Millers

The pillar of our activity are digital controlled millers. Since the very beginning of our operation, we decided to use the Heidenhain control system. A single control type in all CNC millers allows us to achieve a high level of flexibility in the planning and production process.

We perform the 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining. The machines are provided with the systems fixing the machine item enabling problem-free 5-axis machining.

3-axis machining:                                                4-axis machining:

X – 4500mm                                                              X – 4500mm

Y – 1000mm                                                              Y – 1000mm

Z – 770mm                                                                Z – 770mm

5-axis machining:

X – 750mm

Y – 600mm

Z – 520mm


CNC Lathing Machines

As regards the lathing processes, the company decided to use the Mazak machine tools which are characterized with high reliability, stiff turrets and spring clips. In combination with the tools provided with the vibration attenuation system, polishing discs handled by an experienced operator allow to obtain a high level of accuracy and surface quality. The machining of the hardened steel up to 56 HRc is not a problem either.

Mazatrol control is characterised with high programming speed and reading adequate parameters during the setting is immediate following the use of an adequate button.

Maximum machining diameter:

  • In the handle – 350mm
  • Using the rod – 65mm

Technical Group


Technical Group is a team of specialists with long-term experience in constructing subassemblies and entire machinery, process technology, process optimization as well as project management.

In their work, they use specialist CAD software for modelling and constructing as well as the CAM software supporting the CNC machines programming process.

Types of manufactured parts and elements

Spare parts for machinery and equipment

Instruments and parts of the process lines

Instruments and tools

Additional Services


Black, stainless steel welding


Whipsaw cutting up to ϕ300mm


Flat grinding 300 x 600mm

But that is not all!

Thanks to long-term cooperation with our proven contractors and agents, we can also offer you services with respect of:


Thermal processing

Through-hardening, Surface hardening, annealing, toughening


Thermal and chemical processing

Carburizing, gas nitriding, ion nitriding


EDM machining

EDW and EDD machining


Steel electroplating

Blackening, chrome plating, nickel electroplating, zinc plating, etc.


Aluminium anodising

Hard anodising, soft anodising



Laser cutting, water jet cutting, and plasma cutting

We carefully select our Partners

The choice of our cooperating partners is predetermined by the quality of services they provide. A confirmation of high standards of work are positive results of the audits.