Operation maintenance


As operation maintenance we construe the support of both design as well as manufacturing process.

  • Maintaining manufacturing capabilities on the required level
  • Increasing productivity,
  • Improvements for the team in their workplaces
  • Enhanced staff safety
  • Upgrading current technologies
  • Repair work in the event of failure

The operation maintenance offer is mainly intended for production managers or project engineers at factories from the manufacturing sector, i.e. food, pharmaceutical and many other industries. Additionally, we provide services to all who have considerable machinery and need spare parts for their devices. We manufacture spare parts for machinery based on documentation or model provided.

How do we cooperate?

Services linked the maintenance of the operation of the machinery of our Customers is provided on two levels: documentation and/or manufacture and infrastructure process.


Manufacturing of consumables


Introducing design changes


Designing new solutions


Creating technical documentation

Improving safety in the place of work


Designing housing and covers

Covers and housing manufactured through the CNC machining processes are aimed at ensuring the technical personnel’s safety while using the machinery of their employers. We design covers and accessories for lathing machines, millers, grinders, drills and other processing machines.

The safeguards we propose are based on a number of standards including durability of the installation, possibility of disassembling, where the machinery is carried and durability of the materials. We design places ensuring quick and safe access to important parts of the machines, by using tonneau covers, clips or hinges. At the same time, we design modern-looking safety systems while taking care of the aesthetics and functionality of a particular workplace.


Installation of equipment or its individual elements

Depending on the size and installation site of particular equipment, we provide services in our tool shop or in the place of installation of a particular software, we provide services in our tool shop or on Customer’s site. We assume responsibility for the entire project and its fulfilment and complete each venture by performing installation and testing the solution in practical operation.

Platforms, barriers and metal structures


Designing barriers and platforms

Care of the staff safety is one of the key elements ensuring comfort in the workplace. Another element is enhancing the performance of their duties by providing railing and platforms matching the machinery in use.

We deal with the design and manufacture of all the elements of safe barriers, i.e. poles, handrails, kerbs or direct barriers. Additionally, the platforms ensuring stability during the operation become integral part of the machinery for which they have been designed. It supports the broadly understood productivity by enhancing the equipment service. We are experienced in performing the installation Bridges and assembly platforms on the required height.


Metal structures

One of the operation maintenance aspects is preparation of the machinery for work. This vast task is realised practically by designing and producing the aforementioned covers. housings, barriers and platforms. There are however many other steel structures which may be applied in specific companies – we provide such non-standard or tailor-made solutions as well.

Additional services


Welding and mechanical services

Overhaul, repairs or works linked with the failure or periodical maintenance are also important for operation maintenances as they prevent or shorten possible stoppages. We anticipate Customer needs by offering welding and mechanical services depending on the current situation or within the previously agreed deadline. Both types of services allow to efficiently prepare the machinery and tools for further work within the scope of machinery available.


Machinery unloading and relocation

Some of the machinery in the production plants are large-size, heavy machinery requiring specialist loading, transport means, unloading and positioning in the production halls.

We often use really heavy equipment….

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